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House Sitting

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Every hitch hiker knows that starting from the closest gas station, catching cars, going from city to city, meeting people, trying new things, having fun and then coming back home with thousands of memories is what it’s all about. The only things we miss are staying somewhere for a longer period of time, resting for few weeks or months, adapting to new places, and making friends… Wait, wait, wait! We can still do all of that!

Personally we haven’t done it, but house-sitting is undoubtedly something that every hitch-hiker should try. We can’t wait to check if it’s possible in Australia or other places to experience what it’s like to live in a different country for a while.  However, what exactly is house-sitting?

In house-sitting, people entrust their houses to others that are willing to take care of it while they’re travelling, visiting family, or working. House-sitting is a great way to have a cheap holiday, experience living somewhere different, or it can just be a chance to stay in some interesting place you’ve never stayed. However, it’s not only about pleasures, but also about responsibilities. It involves being a guard and housekeeper, and very often it requires the care of animals.

There are two of the most popular websites that you can sign up and find your next destination. You need to pay for subscription, but it’s worth it. Find the best situation for yourself and apply! The first example is HouseCarers. HouseCarers has been running for 12 years and lists house-sitting destinations around the world, mainly in the US, Europe and Australia. Full membership for HouseCarers costs $50 per year, and it allows you to add photos, references and other information to your profile. These are important parts that an owner will look at before they choose you are a house-sitter.

MindMyHouse is better for you if you would like to find house owner in Asia or South America. Sitters also have to register to create a profile page, but registration costs $20 per year.

There are also many house-sitting websites that specialize in specific regions, such as House Sitting Australia, House Sitters America, and Homesit for New Zealand.

If you couldn’t find anyone through these websites and you are responsible and still interested, you can try to find someone using the couchsurfing group. (For example, these two – or ). If you are an experienced traveller with many positive references, it’s possible you’ll find your own house-sitting opportunity.


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