How to obtain Chinese visa

How to obtain Chinese visa

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It was definitely the most difficult visa to obtain since we left Poland. Because we did it outside Poland, it only made it more complicated. For the first time we tried to obtain a visa in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). We prepared all the documents (listed below) and headed toward embassy in the morning. Our applications were refused. We were told that we couldn’t apply for a visa without a travel agency. We were expecting this but were a bit disappointed since we read that one Swedish guy applied successfully for a visa from the same embassy only a few months back. However it was pointless to continue the conversation so we left the Embassy and immediately started to contact different visa agents.

We heard that Bishkek was an expensive place to obtain a Chinese visa and unfortunately this was true. The cheapest travel agent we found wanted $90 for 30 days visa (valid for 90 days) or $110 for double entry visa each time 30 days (also valid for 90 days). In comparison the Chinese visa fee at the embassy was $35. We thought it was worth it to look a bit  harder for better options and we found Serik Nurlanbekov. He offered us a 30 day visa for 45$ each but we had to go back to Kazakhstan. We planned to visit Almaty either way so it wasn’t big issue especially that Almaty and Bishkek are around 240km from each other. With Serik’s help everything went smoothly, we didn’t even go to the Embassy. However I still recommend to try by yourself (if you have time) to apply for a visa. When we were extending our visa in China, we brought exactly the same documents to the PSB office that we had prepared before and we were accepted for the extension. We were even asked why we prepared so many extra documents. China is definitely a state of mind.


Tourist visa (L) – Polish Citizen – Almaty (Kazakhstan)

  • Fill in the foreigner visa certificate application form

  • 2 photographs (48mm high X 33mm wide)

  • A copy of a bank statement showing that you have enough money

  • Hotel bookings

  • Flight out of China

  • Travel itinerary (our travel itinerary)

  • Invitation letter from our Chinese friend and a copy of his ID card

Price and processing time

7 days – $45 (with Serik’s help)

visa for 30days (valid for 3months)

Additional information,

tel (what’s app). no. +7777 1623535


Tourist visa extension (L) – Polish Citizen – Changsha (China)

Public Security Bureau (PSB) office is responsible for extending visas in China. The general rule is that if you have a 30-day visa, you can extend for another 30 days.


  • Fill in the foreigner visa certificate application form

  • 2 photographs (they were taken at the office)

  • Temporary accommodation information registration form and its photocopy at local police station or hotels in network with exit and entry management department. It has to be from the city you are applying for visa extension.

  • Plane ticket booking

  • Travel itinerary (our travel itinerary)

  • Hostels booking (they didn’t check them)

Price and processing time

7 days

visa is valid for 30days

Additional information

Official website of PSB office in Changsha

Business Visa (M) – Polish Citizen – Hong Kong – 2 x 30days

Price and processing time

570 HKD application (in 4 working days)

+300 HKD rush serivce (24h)

+200 HKD express service (in 3 working days)

double entry visa each time for 30days

Additional information

Address (close to Wan Chai metro station)

7th Floor, Lower Block,

China Resources Building  26 Harbour Road Wanchai,

Hong Kong Island

Tel: +852 3413 2424

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