Georgia maybe time

Georgia maybe time

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We spent the days on trips to the Embassy of Azerbaijan to get our passports back (three times unsuccessfully) and knocked on the door of the Embassy of Kazakhstan (also unsuccessfully). In the evenings we were sitting on the balcony with Jenny drinking beer and joking, this time our official host Serhat was not even at home. Now we treat it as our little ritual, if something can become a pleasant routine in just a few days. We left the house without an official farewell as if we know that we’ll meet again…

Probably men in the embassy of Azerbaijan just liked our frequent visits, so when once again we failed to pick up our passport, we decided to go to the well-known region of Georgia – Svaneti. We went to the town of Mestia, which is famous for its medieval, well-preserved stone defensive towers. Town is neat and it looks charming in afternoon sun. We can recommend a restaurant Laila, where you can try different types of bread baked in a traditional way. We had there true wheat fiesta ordering sequentially Chaczapuri, chvishtari (cornbread with cheese) andsimple tonis puri bread  baked on the oven walls. Like most tourists sitting in the garden we were going to order just cheap Georgian beer. But the waiter serving our table, as befits Georgian, brought us glasses of chacha(despite the protests). As proud Poles we couldn’t refuse, but when he came  with second and third cup, we decide to water poor plants. After visiting the restaurant we slightly climbed a steep hill to our guesthouse and already at 8pm fell asleep.
08.31i - Mestia-gotowa

We came to Mestia from Kutaisi, which is known because of low-cost airlines airport. While going back we wanted to get straight to Tbilisi. The second largest city in Georgia didn’t make the best impression on us and it’s worth a visit especially for the nearby Cave of Prometheus. As always our plan was to get up “in the morning”  and walk through the Mestia with the camera. It ended up as always. We started hitch-hiking at 1pm in the shadow of a terrible, modernist police station. Only taxis and minibuses were passing us. After about an hour Wiola jumped excitedly when she saw a delivery truck carrying candies. She remembered that a similar car took Jolanta from the blog “Na lewo od centrum”  from Batumi to Mestia. The driver couldn’t refuse hitch-hiker smiling from ear to ear and it turned out that he can take us to … Kutaisi. He had to repeatedly get off the main road, but thanks to that we could admire the blue streams of Svaneti and one of the highest concrete dam in the world built on the river Inguri.
Mestia - drogaWe arrived in Kutaisi in the evening and we still had 230 km to go, which in Georgia is not so easy distance to overcome. When we reached Tbilisi around midnight and we couldn’t get in touch with Jenny, we tried to catch a municipal wifi (I love Tbilisi) and find the hostel. Before the webpage loaded a police car had stopped in front of us. After a short conversation gentlemen suggested that they can give us a lift. And so we got to our hostel with two helpful policmen.

The next day we finally picked up Azerbaijani visa and lose patience for the embassy of Kazakhstan (we decided to apply in Armenia). In the evening we went back to Jenny’s apartment and found out that he didn’t reply to our message because … He plunged into grief after his favourite player transferred from Galatasaray. In the morning we knew that this time we say goodbye for the last time, at least for a while. We left the house and went different directions. Without dramas and with a feeling that we all have a new friend somewhere in the world.
Closed border between Armenia and Azerbaijan became an excuse to visit another region of Georgia – Sighnaghi. One of our driver’s friends offered to take us straight Sighnaghi, the capital of Georgian wine. Till the end we didn’t know that two young guys just drove us there (100 km drive). Only when they left us in Sighnaghi and immediately turned back we realized what just happened. Small centre is more similar to northern Italy than Georgia. Local taxi driver recommended and showed us accommodation for 10 lari ($4). Old lively woman greeted us in the doorway of a traditional Georgian house, with characteristic blue balconies. Within three minutes she found out who we are, where are we going and how old we are. And she informed us that “four handsome young men” just moved in. She also advertised her homemade wine and other products. After two weeks in Armenia we missed Georgian food, so first of what we thought was khinkali. We spent the evening on the integration with four foresters from Germany. We drank wine together and shared insights from Georgia.

Last time in Georgia we wanted to spend on visiting monastery of Saint Nino. We caught two young Georgians who didn’t let us just leave the country. This time we landed in a restaurant with a beautiful view of Sighnaghi, chaczapuri on a plate and a glass of wine in hand. After all they drove us straight to the Azeri border. Therefore for us GMT (Georgia Maybe Time) will always be associated with long meals, toasts and farewells. Even at the border, we couldn’t just leave Georgia because a border guard tired after 3-days wedding had to confide in tourists from Poland… “because he doesn’t talk to Azeris!”
09.19c - Signagii-gotowe

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We've met each other during classes the least associated with our faculty at the university and it couldn't be an accident. Silly grinning at our English teacher telling about his hitch-hiking adventures, we haven't known yet that we will begin to travel together. The series of unfortunate events made us share a tent, a camera and memories. Now almost nothing can stop us from hitch-hiking.

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