Abandoned Summer Camp

Abandoned Summer Camp

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Vanadzor Young Pioneer Camp is an abandoned children’s summer camp located in the suburbs of the Vanadzor Town. It was built in the late ’70 as a part of the pioneer movement, an organization for children operated by the communist party. Until the ’90’s this camp is where kids from all over the Soviet Union where spending each vacations.

You will have a tough time finding relay facts about the background of this place. The things that I discovered with the help of our Host is that it was primarily Armenians from the Yerevan area and Ukrainian children from Crimea who attended there. It is mostly futile to look for the Information on the Internet, as the local government is not proud of this “attraction” so they did not put any evidence of its existence either. Even the locals are surprised that someone would want to discover this area. For them it is just the past they want to forget.
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    Mindblowing pictures, such great quality, such an eerie feeling…so many emotions come out when looking at these photos. I wish I could have been in there. So cool you guys went there and have done all this, you should be so proud and excited at what you have been accomplishing! Most people never get to see the world.

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